Indy Metro South Broker for First Time Home Buyers

Aubrey Walters - Indianapolis, IN

Looking for that perfect place to start your adventure as a new homeowner? Don’t let the technicalities and a lack of real estate know-how slow you down! If you’re looking for friendly guidance, professionalism, and experience, Aubrey Walters is the broker to know.

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Professional Broker Associate for New Home Buyers

Aubrey Walters of Nancy’s Real Estate Team has been serving the Indy Metro South area for years. With a depth of experience in residential real estate, Aubrey has helped many clients find the right home, at the right time, for the right price. She specializes in eliminating hurdles and making the first time home purchase a smooth one for her clients.


First Time Home Buying, the Easy Way

Aubrey Walters places a strong emphasis on simplifying both the real estate industry and the home buying process. Just like you know what you want in a first home, she knows the neighborhoods, the markets, and the trends. From searching, to financing, to closing, and everything in between, Aubrey has your back!



As a broker working with a broad professional network of realtors and lenders, Aubrey and the members of Nancy’s Real Estate Team will guide you towards securing the proper budgeting and financing services you need.


Aubrey will help you prioritize what you want most in a home. Offering a highly refined search, she will be able to narrow your options, presenting you only with the greatest fits.


As a broker with years of experience in locating the right homes and negotiating a fair price on behalf of her clients, Aubrey ensures that you receive the best possible deal during the home buying process.


Once everything is in order, Aubrey and the team will help seal the deal and complete all the technical aspects of closing, giving you peace of mind as you settle into your new home!


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